60+ Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education Start Raising Money!

However, there is also the potential for crowdfunding, and runners can hop on social media or other platforms to ask their family and friends to donate to your football team. This is a great fundraising activity for parents and kids to do together. Fun runs are another fundraising idea that can be done in a hybrid or virtual format to accommodate everyone. Consider offering families the option to do a virtual fun run around their neighborhood or local park while tracking their time. Your school can sell cards that cost $10, $15, or $20 and feature a customized set of local businesses. The deals offered on these cards last up to a year, so your school’s supporters will have plenty of time to get the most value from their purchase.
Family, friends, and community members can all participate in the walk-a-thon. school fundraisers ideas may even switch things up and do a zombie run and see the community show up in their best zombie outfits and spooky makeup. There are no limits to what you can do with this school fundraising idea – have fun with it.
Everyone loves well-designed t-shirts, so why not use them to raise funds for your school? T-shirt fundraising platforms let you create a custom t-shirt design, then sell your shirts to raise money during a scheduled time-frame. Look for a platform that doesn’t require payment upfront, like Bonfire. Our snack brochure is another quick option but offers more health-conscious options. This might sell best with the parents who forget to pack a snack or teachers who need energy throughout the day. From cashew mixes to sweet banana chips, there’s something for everyone in this package.
The winners, along with up to five honorable mentions, are announced in the following Saturday Newsletter. Accepting middle grade (aimed at readers aged 8-12) and chapter books (aimed at readers aged 6-8) fiction samples across all genres. Applicants are asked to submit a three-chapter sample and synopsis. For our January contest, everybuggy would love to read your best wintry tale.
The first class that manages to fill their jar gets a reward. Isn’t this the simplest yet an inspiring way to raise money? Plus, your penny drive cost is low – it costs you almost nothing. Get your students to bring to school old cartridges, mobile phones, or clothes. A shoe drive fundraiser is another great way to raise money while doing good for the environment.
Honor a longtime supporter of the school and a well-respected member of the community with a legacy gift that lasts forever. The talent in your community is endless, so take advantage of your network for a package that would cost you next to nothing. Whether the lesson is sports, music, or arts, you will see bids climb for this auction item. PTA and PTOs have had success with all kinds of fundraising efforts.
You can also brainstorm other fun rewards to act as incentives for students. Set up a movie screen in your hall or team up with your local cinema to get a special rate for families to attend a new release. Decorate the space and make it comfortable by adding pillows and blankets. A talent show gives students recognition for their non‐academic talents and interests. It also provides lessons in persistence and commitment to students during try‐outs, practice, and performance. Participants pay a donation in exchange for their chance to complete the course.
You can use JustFundraising products like popcorn and snacks to help maximize your profit. You can ask for businesses in your community to donate items to the raffle to keep your initial costs low and maximize the profit from the raffle. You can also run the popular 50/50 raffle where the winner gets 50% of the total amount of ticket sales. Most communities do need a permit, however; make sure you inquire about the legal requirements.